Worksarabia Freelancer Tools & Resources

Gathering all the tools and resources we can find on the web to make your freelancing journey easier no matter what you do!

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    Tools & Resources

    Photos & Videos


    The one and only online tool you need to create amazing designs, templates, logos, and perfect for social media content creation.


    A powerful free Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator alternative that does everything online without downloading any software.

    This tool magically removes any background from photos and videos! You can later download with a transparent background or any choice you have as a replacement.


    Everything you can possibly imagine of tools and converters are available on this website completely free! Even extensive PDF tools.

    Cloud Convert

    Convert any photo or video filetype to another filetype at ease. To remove the limits you can create an account. It's completely free!

    Image Optim

    A wonderful bulk image optimizer that can reduce your images to up to 80% without losing quality. Guaranteed! We use it all the time.

    DaVinci Resolve

    The ultimate video editor, and available for download completely free. No limitations, no watermark, with all its glory!

    OBS Studio

    A free video recording and streaming software that is used widely by professional. If you do streaming or screen casting, this is a software you need!

    Tools & Resources

    Office & Copywriting


    If you're looking for a free fully capable version as an alternative to Microsoft Office. This suite has it all and fully compatible with all Office filetypes.

    Hemingway App

    Hemingway App makes your writing bold and clear by analyzing your sentences and grammar and giving you a scoring and alot of information on your writings.


    No it's not just a word counter. It actually gives you how many repetitions there are for your words, and has multiple tools to fix punctuation and capitalizations.


    A tool that ignites your inspiration on what to write about in your next blog. It will generate the article title based on the data you input for a starting point.

    Headline Analyzer

    This free tool will analyze your headline to determine the Emotional Marketing Value (EMV) score based on proprietary analysis technology.

    Tools & Resources

    Web Development & Design


    Figma is an amazing wire framing and web design collaboration tool that will streamline the planning and design process of a website.


    The most used tool to analyze a website and get an overview of everything you need to do to enhance it and optimize it.


    This online tool will tell you how fast a website is and what you can do to score it higher and have a blazing fast loading website.

    Google Web Designer

    Create engaging videos, images, and HTML5-based designs for your business that can run on any device.


    This website is a goldmine for all things HTML, CSS, JAVA, and alot more with live examples and tutorials and full code availability.

    Tools & Resources

    Cloud Storage

    Google Drive

    Google Drive will give you up to 15GB free cloud storage with all kinds of collaborations and cloud sharing tools that are amazing for your projects and file sharing with your clients.


    Looking to transfer large files using a link or directly to your client's email? This is single handedly the best website to achieve this.

    Tools & Resources

    Stock Images & Mockups


    Millions of commercially free to use vector graphics, illustrations and images.

    Vector Magic

    A client gave you their logo in JPG and lost the original artwork? Don't worry this tool will turn it into a vector and you can use it however you choose.


    Create branded or static QR codes for web pages, contact cards, text, apps, and many other uses. Completely free and you can download it in HQ.

    Creative Booster

    Find any kind and type of mockups for your designs and your client designs to present your work in a photorealistic format.


    A go to website to find super high quality stock images and videos for everything you can imagine for free!

    Tools & Resources



    Find millions of fonts, filter by type, preview in bulk, and download any font you like for free!

    Google Fonts

    Access the full and complete Google Fonts library to use online, offline and with your favorite applications and designs.