Terms & Conditions
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    This page describes the terms and conditions for using Worksarabia platform. The platform https://worksarabia.com will be referred to as (the “Site” or “Worksarabia”). Subscribers of Worksarabia service will be referred to as (the “Member” or “User”).


    1. You agree that Worksarabia will be sending you transactional and account-related emails.
    2. You will have the option to opt out of those emails anytime by clicking the unsubscribe button on every email received from our system.
    3. We will not be sending you promotional emails at all.


    1. In this page consists a digital contract between User and Worksarabia
    2. All terms and conditions are already approved by Worksarabia
    3. There is no other party but User as a freelancer and Worksarabia as a provider of platform
    4. User is not an employee of Worksarabia and never will be
    5. User is not a partner of Worksarabia and never will be


    1. Worksarabia will offer User an online portfolio website built on WordPress and WooCommerce at the core
    2. Worksarabia will install all necessary plugins for the optimum performance of the website as they see fit
    3. The website will be hosted on Site Ground Cloud Servers
    4. User website hosting will expire after 12 months, and the User is responsible for renewals by request
    5. Worksarabia will offer User several templates to choose from to build their site
    6. Worksarabia will install WP Portfolio to allow User to showcase their work
    7. Worksarabia will install Convert Pro to allow User to communicate better with prospects and customers
    8. Worksarabia will install and integrate a payment gateway provided by Master Card Payment Gateway Services on User website when eligible
    9. Worksarabia will install and activate a digital wallet on User website, User will be able to check their earnings and export them as reports
    10. Worksarabia will issue a fresh fund card that User can use to withdraw money from the ATMs of Bank Of Beirut solely and use to for online shopping
    11. Worksarabia will only use User’s digital wallet and will not open a fresh account under User’s name. User cannot withdraw money from the counter of Bank Of Beirut
    12. Worksarabia is obliged to make User’s money available in cash at their premises in Beit Merry upon User’s request
    13. Worksarabia is obliged to transfer User’s money to any account of User’s choice inside or outside Lebanon upon User’s request
    14. Any transfer fees will be covered exclusively by User and from the money User has in their digital wallet
    15. User money will be available every 10th of every month
    16. Worksarabia will make available legal contract templates that User needs to facilitate the legal relationship between User and their potential and existing clients
    17. Worksarabia will make available legal e-mail templates to facilitate the relationship between User and their potential and existing clients
    18. Worksarabia will appoint an auditor to file and pay User taxes on their behalf


    1. User should transfer the agreed upon amount via Western Union, OMT, or BoB Finance to join Worksarabia
    2. Once User joins, the money is not refundable
    3. By sending the payment User is agreeing to all parts of this legally binding contract
    4. User allows Worksarabia to represent them at Bank Of Beirut as a freelancer and that User will not have any direct relationship with the bank directly
    5. User will not have a Bank Account to User’s name and cannot claim any cash from the counter of the bank
    6. User allows Worksarabia to pay their taxes on their behalf
    7. User should treat the website to the best of their knowledge and make sure they do not improvise and break anything
    8. User should contact the team of Worksarabia when they have any questions or requests


    1. Worksarabia will not charge any commission on User’s sales via their website
    2. Worksarabia will not ask about any transactions happening outside User’s website
    3. Bank Of Beirut will charge User 5% in fresh US dollars on every fresh dollar transaction into User’s digital wallet
    4. User allows Worksarabia to pay the aforementioned 5% on their behalf to Bank Of Beirut from their respective digital wallet
    5. The state will charge User 10% income tax, paid in Lebanese Pounds based on the official exchange rate
    6. User allows Worksarabia to pay the income taxes to the Lebanese state on their behalf
    7. At every payment cycle the money User can withdraw is whatever is in their digital wallet minus both the 5% transaction charge and the 10% income tax charge
    8. If User asked Worksarabia to withdraw their money in cash, User should go collect the money from Worksarabia offices in Beit Merry
    9. User can ask Worksarabia to transfer their money to any bank account in the world, subject to bank approvals and transfer fees
    10. User can ask Worksarabia to transfer their money via OMT to them or someone of their choice, subject to transfer fees
    11. User’s relationship with Worksarabia will be renewed yearly upon User’s request
    12. If User chose to stop working with Worksarabia the only money User can request is what is already in their digital wallet or the money coming from already finished projects, there will be no compensation of any kind

    By agreeing to the Terms & Conditions stated on this page, you also agree to: