Product & Service Policy
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    Understanding Our Policies

    Our Product & Service Policies provide guidance on what types of services & products are allowed. When a Worksarabia website is published, we have placed a system that alerts admins of any service or product listed on the website that needs a review. Make sure to read all section carefully to avoid getting your subscription cancelled for violation of Worksarabia Product & Service Policy.

    Prohibited Services & Products

    1. Any physical product whether original, drop shipped, or resold
    2. Any product that requires a shipping method
    3. Illegal or illicit services
    4. Adult and sexual services
    5. Crypto services or consultancy
    6. NFT services or consultancy
    7. Crowdfunding services
    8. Medical services or consultancy
    9. Multilevel marketing services
    10. Hacking and cybersecurity illegal services
    11. Dark and deep web services
    12. Dating services
    13. Gambling services and consultancy
    14. Subscription services
    15. Political or governmental services

    Allowed Digital Products

    1. E-books
    2. Packaged Training courses
    3. Digital paintings
    4. Digital artworks
    5. Vector arts
    6. Design and icon packs
    7. Computer Software & applications
    8. Stock images
    9. Stock videos
    10. Stock animations
    11. Web applications
    12. Web Hosting & Domains
    13. Access cards
    14. Subscription to services

    Things you should know

    1. The previously listed allowed and prohibited products and services are to be taken extremely seriously because you are using Worksarabia legal representation through your subscription to the platform.
    2. Any practice that doesn’t abide by any of our policies ¬†will result in immediate non-refundable termination of your subscription.
    3. Any practice that doesn’t abide or comply with our policies might result in taking legal action against you.
    4. Any digital product listed on your website should be your original creative work, reproduction, or commercially licensed by the original creator.